Short Silver Fox Fur Wool Jacket

$540 $990

Short Silver Fox Fur Wool Jacket

Luxurious Short Silver Fox Fur Wool Jacket from soft wool with belt. Natural fox fur trim cuffs and neck. Lined.

Materials: trim - Natural Fox Fur, upper - 90% Wool, 10% Mixed Cashmere Fabric, lining - Polyester.

Sizes: XS-4XL.

Fashionable fur for the design concept focusing on high-level design and high-quality fur fabric technologies. The production of high-end luxury clothing promotes classics and does not play the attitude of life for the smart and proud urban women, bring elegance, self-confidence and strive to bring you warmth in Winter. At the same time let bloom your unique temperament.

Clothes need to be compressed during transportation. The compressed package will make fur smaller. This is fine. After you receive your clothes, hang them up for a day or make sure you have a hairdryer. The fur will become very thick, playful, fluffy and pretty.

Fur fashion luxury to make you more beautiful, while fur also needs your careful care to extend its beauty and life.


You only need to provide us with your height, weight, collar, bust, waist, hips measurements. And we will take measurements to find you the clothes that suit you best.

If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, we guarantee a free-of-charge replacement or contribution towards a local tailoring service to achieve the perfect fit.

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